Regular members pay $125 per year for their dues. There is an initial $250 application fee that must also be paid upon acceptance to the club( this is waived for immediate family members). Regular members have riding privileges, can vote at all club meetings and in the annual election ofofficers, can run for office, may participate in all club events such as our summer series (junior and senior), club banquets, club picnic, etc. Regular member applicants must earn 150 pt and work two races to be considered for membership. Once voted in regular members must work at least four more years earning no less than 100pt for each of those years. After 20 years of consecutive membership members become life members and are no longer required to pay yearly dues.

Application process for regular members. If you are interested in regular membership you must follow the following procedures:

-Attend and sign in for at least three regular meetings. The attendance sheet is at the front table with the secretary. Attending meeting helps you become acquainted with the club and its members and provides you the opportunity to find ways to earn your needed points.

-Work at least two races and earn 150 pts. You are responsible for making sure your points are recorded and posted accurately by the points chairman. When you have accumulated your points and worked your races you can then request an application from the secretary. You will need three sponsors to sign your application. They must be regular members in good standing. Your application must then be handed back to the secretary for review. The secretary will check with the points chairman to confirm your points. Ifthey are not recorded accurately it will be your responsibility to resolve the issue. Once your points are confirmed the application will be handed over to the screening committee. The screening committee will contact you to interview you and set up a date for your application to be voted on. Your application can not be voted on until you are interviewed by a screening committee member.

-On your vote date you will be presented to the membership and you will be asked to answer several questions related to the club bylaws. Once an application is voted on all fees must be paid. No application will be finalized without all fees paid in full.

-No exceptions to the application process will be granted and it is your responsibility as a potential member to follow through with each step.

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If you are interested in racing at the Central Cycle Club here are a few basic rules on how to do this. If you want to have the complete rules and the correct organizations to join go to You can print out all the proper forms, rules and the race schedule at this website.

1) You must join the New England Sports Committee (NESC) which costs $75 by mail or $100 at the track the day of the race, 50's and 65's are now the same as all other memberships as they are championships. You can also just get a one day NESC one day pass.

2) You must have medical insurance and the proper identification to prove this.

3) All riding numbers are assigned by the NESC.

4) You must have your riding number on the motorcycle, the back of your jersey or chest protector and helmet. You must wear the proper competition riding gear.

5) Entry fees are: $35.00 for first 2 classes. 3rd class is $15.00. No Pre-entry fee.
6) Classes run at Central Village are 85cc(non-championship), Supermini(non-championship), Youth, 250(A,B,C), 450(A,B,C), 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+. .