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the 2 billion dollar toy industry comes back to life

TICKY FULLERTON, PRESENTER: It's back to the future at this year's Toy and Hobby Fair. Woolrich field jacket,As retro toys make a comeback, Australia's $2 billionayear toy industry is showing more signs of life. But as The Business' toyboy Neal Woolrich reports, there's fierce competition at the annual trade expo for bragging rights and prime position on retailers' shelves.

NEAL WOOLRICH, REPORTER: When it comes to toys, it seems everything old is new again. Along with perennial favourites like racing cars, train sets and Lego, even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making a comeback.

DAVID HENDY, PRESIDENT, AUST. TOY ASSOCIATION: Woolrich field jacket,Well what do they say?: "There's no new toys, they're just repackaged." And turtles are back. It was '85 when they first were released. And already now, we can start to see the resurgence at the same level it was in '85.

NEAL WOOLRICH: More than 160 exhibitors are showing off their wares at this year's Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair, hoping their goodies will be this year's next big thing.

RICHARD NORTH, CEO, WOW! STUFF: Unless the product is seen by the children ultimately,Woolrich coats, it doesn't get asked for and it doesn't get put on the Christmas wishlists. Now that starts with the toy fairs.

NEAL WOOLRICH: Wow! Stuff's Attacknid, a remotecontrolled combat spider, has just won the prize for best boy's toy.Woolrich outlet store

RICHARD NORTH: So that automatically means that you get the big major retailers coming here and saying, "What is it? Let's have a look at it." But then from then on, it's all about the marketing. It's all about showing the product to the kids.

NEAL WOOLRICH: And the overall winner for best toy is an Woolrich coats,Australian designed and made product, the glitzy globe. It too is a redesign of an old favourite, snow globes that children can make themselves.

PAUL SOLOMON, COCEO, MOOSE: We're certainly scouring the world to see what's going on in other industries the fashion industry, looking at new technologies and then coming back and seeing what kids are playing with as well. And we do a a lot of focus group tests, so we're always having children coming through the office.

NEAL WOOLRICH: The Australian toy industry turns over $2 billion a year. Here at the toy fair, you can buy anything from just a few dollars, or if you've got $25,000 sitting round, your very own pet dinosaur.

STEPHEN GOLDSWORTHY, MD, GOLDIE MARKETING: It's a small market,Woolrich parkas, but there certainly is a lot of interest. And from a corporate perspective, people some companies like to use them as a display at front of their building. They're used in shopping malls.

NEAL WOOLRICH: Stephen Goldsworthy says it's not just dinosaurs on the march, but the entire industry as well.

STEPHEN GOLDSWORTHY: There's a wonderful array of new stands of Woolrich parkas,people that have prepared now to invest money back into the business and I think consumer confidence in the toy market is really starting to grow again as well.

PAUL SOLOMON: The toy market's actually up this year, so as long as you've got the right price points, the market is still performing very well.

DAVID HENDY: Last year, 2012, Woolrich outlet storewas flat as the industry goes. Already in the first two months, we're already five per cent up in the first two months yearonyear, which I think is a big plus. I think it's setting everyone in a positive mood going forward.

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